Energy UK release their Future of Energy report

April 24, 2019

The report looks at future opportunities and urgent challenges faced across every aspect of the energy system and how best to meet these in order to deliver a market that works for all of its customers.

The report includes proposals and recommendations to kickstart action needed in a wide number of areas including:

– Changing the current ‘one size fits all’ regulation for retail suppliers to increase competition and choice for customers

– The need for local partnerships to deliver a variety of potential low carbon heating solutions that best suit their communities and businesses

– Making smart charging the default option for EV drivers to reduce demand on the grid and keeping bills down along with establishing a core network of ultra rapid chargers,

Funding future electricity generation and system services to further drive down costs for consumers while providing a stable policy framework that will give investors the confidence to fund the billions of investments needed

– Giving flexibility technologies the chance to provide cheaper alternatives to network reinforcements.

In addition to the summary above, the report also looks into a further five areas in detail at different aspects of the energy transition, these areas include:

– The future retail market and the customers’ relationship with it

– Funding future electricity generation and system services

– Reducing emissions from buildings

– The sustainable transition to a low carbon road transport system

– Transporting energy to and from customers through transmission and distribution networks.

For more information or to read the report in full, click here.

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