Businesses generating renewable and low-carbon electricity are to be guaranteed money for power supplied to the grid

June 10, 2019

New businesses that create and export electricity to the grid will be guaranteed a payment from suppliers, that’s according to new laws introduced by government this week.

The Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) will ensure that small-scale electricity generators installing solar, wind or other forms of renewable generation with a capacity up to 5MW. Will be paid for each unit of electricity that they sell to the grid.

– Fee will not be added to consumer bills as part of the UK’s transition to a subsidy-free, cleaner and greener energy system under Smart Export Guarantee

– current tariffs and SEG payments to boost renewables sector as UK aims to become a net zero emissions economy – a key part of our modern Industrial Strategy

SEG has been designed to aid growth in the small-scale renewables export market by supporting local generation.

It will place a legal obligation on energy suppliers with over 150,000 customers – this covers more than 90% of the retail market to introduce export tariffs by 1 January 2020.

Combined with existing technologies, like smart meters and batter storage, SEG will help to bride the gap to a smarter and more efficient energy system of the future.

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